5 Business Lessons to Learn From Harry Potter

You do not live in a magical world, but you live in a world that can be full of miracles if you use your sense and signs around you in the right way. You may get inspired by reading stories, but this inspiration must be followed in practical life.

Harry Potter series is well-known around the world and is one of the best-sellers. It comes with anecdotes on the magic of a boy that transformed the ideology of fighting for truth in any challenging times.

Your business might face similar challenges, and you can always learn from the story the answers you might wonder under challenging situations.

If you are looking for some tips from the story, here are 5 business lessons to learn from Harry Potter:

1. Choose a Dream Team

One of the story’s critical lessons is that when you have a good team, you can overcome every turmoil. Harry teamed up with people like Ron and Hermoine. Ron has interpersonal skills that helped the team to communicate well, and Hermoine had a logic that helped solve complex issues.

Your business needs teams where people should have strengths that complement each other. It should be a combination of a myriad of traits from all teammates so that you may strive to outshine competitors.

For competitors, you must learn a few things.

2. Never Underestimate a New or a Young Competitor

Sometimes there is a perception that people who do not have experience in a job might not outgrow you. This can’t always be right.

Sometimes startups have the most aggressive ideas that can easily outclass the old businesses.

It will help if you learn from Voldemort, who perceived that with more evil powers and more excellent knowledge of magic, he could be an inerasable evil magician. However, that was not the case. Harry Potter is courageously learned to fight every stone thrown at him with his vision to overcome everything. He made himself equipped with new magical powers.

Technological firms work like this. The new ideas start thriving as they are more compatible with the new world and do not follow old norms. They do not always get entangled with the idea of the experience. Skill and ideas do matter.

3. Make Others Drool with Your Tool

It’s just the hamburger in burgers that always need your customer’s attention. If that’s the case, never forget that your business needs new ways to sell it. If you want people to drool over it, among all other options, use all tools to make your customers drool.

Harry Potter’s Wand, Invisibility Cloak, and Marauder’s Map are the tools used in the best ways to defeat Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

When you are in business, you need people with the right skills, you need gadgets with various functions, and you need management apps that help you integrate the workflow. All these tools work in the most powerful way to transform the destiny of your business.

4. Instinct Has The Tint

Your intuition should be much heightened when you deal with businesses in daily life. Always watch what can go wrong with your work and why.

The character of Tom Riddle was instinctively dubious to Dumbledore. Even though other professors were fond of him, his senses raised the alarm on Tom’s behavior. Later he was revealed when Dumbledore saw him converting into Voldemort.

Having a business needs a sixth sense that helps you to analyze various situations and act upon them.

5. Change and Flexibility are Crucial

You must change with the change of wind.

Harry Potter learned this when professor Snape died. Initially, he was not fond of him. On his death, he realized how meaningfully he helped Dumbledore and made them see the truth of Voldemort. So you can always change your opinion.

Businesses need your attitude to change when the circumstances change. The more stubborn you act, the more cost you will pay for your inflexibility. Only drooping branches have more fruits on them.


If you keep in mind how Harry Potter is an orphan, survived in tedious circumstances, you may learn what you can do to your businesses if you save similar daily life challenges. The rule is “Never Give Up, Follow Harry!”


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