Top 7 Business Lessons To Learn From Abraham Lincoln

If you want your business to be inspiring for others, built it on few leading and progressive ideas by Abraham Lincoln.

He is one of America’s greatest legends who have taught that no matter how humble you are in your background, you can impact the lives of the people in many ways to earn a name in the history of humankind.

Being Lincoln is not easy, and working out your business through his quotes would be more challenging but you can give it a try.

Here are 7 business lessons to learn from this great man!

1. The Best Way to Predict Your Future Is To Create It

This is a very impeccable quote from Lincoln that inspires you to strive for the ideas you have. An idea can give you countless possibilities for the future. It is better to create something on your own then be the slave of someone’s thoughts.

Businesses also run similarly. It would help if you were to create and design strategies for a successful future. The best way to predict your business’s end is to create an idea and nurture it with skills.

This leads us to the second lesson.

2. Leave Nothing for Tomorrow Which Can Be Done Today

If you want to be successful, never be late, and never leave today’s work to be done tomorrow. This because the opportunity you can avail today might not be present tomorrow.

For businesses, the same mantra works. If you leave a task at hand to be done tomorrow, you might miss something crucial to your team’s success. Workload also needs to be managed in business, and if you keep on piling it, it can be not very easy for your teams.

Successful businesses keep employees on their toes and vigilant; you must see whether or not they are pending the work that needs to be done right away.

3. Strive To Be Worthy of Recognition

Everyone wants that others should recognize his/her efforts. Recognition is positive feedback that encourages you to accomplish better and greater things.

A business, too, needs recognition, and for that, they must put their utmost capacity to get it. The smallest recognition of your and your employees’ efforts can generate a far-reaching impact on its growth.

4. Commitment Is What Transforms a Promise into a Reality

Only those businesses that fully satisfy consumer expectations and commit to making them a reality turn out to thrive. It is demanding but meeting a consumer expectation with the commitment of making it a reality helps you outshine competition.

5. Use Your Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

This is a very realistic approach when it comes to both customers and employees. It would help if you listened to your consumer concerns and feedback with empathy, especially when he/she is dissatisfied. It would be best to learn how to analyze their behavior or need when selling a product emotionally. The salesperson that better connects with the customer at hand tends to end up in more sales.

It will help if you listen to your customers keenly. This can be very productive in modifying or updating your product or service to their need.

Listening to employees is also very important, especially salespeople that are at the fore-front of analyzing your customer. Also, be empathetic to them so you might encourage them time and after.

This takes us to how to take criticism.

6. Accept Criticism and Advice

Always be optimistic about the criticism you receive from your customer or employees. First, let your employees analyze a product or service you are about to offer. It will help you to improve or update your work.

If you get a piece of advice from a customer or employee, never take it for granted; it can be damaging to your growth.

7. Never Give Up

The most important lesson we can learn from Lincoln’s life is never to give up no matter how hard the times get.

Businesses thrive on the spirit of moving on, no matter how challenging the situations are to survive.


These 7 lessons from Abraham Lincoln shows us the worth of business ideas and commitment to them. It would help if you strive for what you create and always try to be recognized for that. As a business owner, the more you listen to employees and customers openly, the greater the chance of improvement in your work.

Never think you cannot do more; you are likely to end up losing a big dream you are close to.


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