How To Hire The Right Person For Your Company

Every time a company decides to open a new job, the problem is always the same: how to select the most experienced, motivated, and competent person among dozens of applications? Finding a single answer to this dilemma is not easy: it depends on the resources, the size, and the sector to which the company belongs. This is why recruiters ask questions that may appear strange during job interviews, with the aim of looking deeper and understanding if the candidate is really the right person to hire and if they can provide added value to the company. However, having HR methods, tools, and techniques can greatly facilitate the entire selection process and increase the chances of finding the right person in a short time.

Go beyond the CV

Being good and competent is a fundamental point, but it is not enough. To be appreciated, you need to have a certain work ethic and commit to being empathetic and knowing how to work with other people. Many candidates seem perfect on paper, but the facts prove that they do not have the “cultural suitability” that must be guaranteed. For example, if a recruiter wants to hire a new press officer, then he must select the candidate who is not only good at writing effective press releases, but he should have good communication skills too.

Evaluate references

The reference letters provided by the candidates are very useful to evaluate all aspects apparently far from technical skills. In fact, job performance is not everything in the workplace. It can also be useful to evaluate other aspects, such as his sense of humor if he is orderly or not, if the candidate interacts with the rest of the team, or is a loner. In short, in most cases, references can help recruiters to better target the person to understand if they are suitable or not for the company.

Personality vs. competence

Everything can be taught, except personality. Of course, if you have to hire a construction engineer, it is not advisable to choose a surveyor just because you are very sympathetic, but with the same skills, the attitude counts more than many other factors. The ability to interact with others in a harmonious way can feel like one of those smoky and vaguely new age attributes until you find yourself in the workplace with a conflict freak. If you ask them, they will tell you that they love to “confront” and “stimulate” others and that they “always say what they think.” In fact, these statements often imply a real passion for tense and competitive atmospheres, perceived as more interesting. Hiring a conflict freak, regardless of his competence, will turn your working life into hell.

Hire people who look like you

As an SME manager, you and your employees have built and carry certain values written in the DNA of the company. You decide to integrate a new employee who will first respond to a job profile. To do this, you need to put yourself forward and tell the story of your business. Be corporate, as they say. It involves claiming who you are and the principles you care about.

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