6 Toxic Behaviors You Should Get Rid of Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy task-it can take immense dedication, skill, and hard work. However, when you succeed, all your hard work and sleepless nights can seem well worth it. Becoming an entrepreneur means that you get the chance to be your own boss and to exercise all your creative liberties. However, there are many things that you need to work on before you get to this comfortable spot. One of the most critical aspects for you to consider is your own behavior. Many toxic behaviors may inadvertently be hindering your and your company’s progress. Below, we shall discuss the top 6 toxic behaviors you need to get rid of before becoming an entrepreneur. Some careful introspection will tell you whether or not you already engage in these behaviors.


You might think that group cohesiveness can never be a bad thing. Well, you’re mistaken. There are times when an organization is so cohesive that real communication fails to occur. Groupthink happens when everyone in the group marches to the same beat, and no one questions any of the decisions made. This desire for conformity means that everyone consistently makes bad decisions because there’s no one to step up and question and the norm. Before becoming an entrepreneur, you must assume a leadership position. If you think things are going too well and that people are getting along too well, it’s probably too good to be true. Don’t be afraid of playing the devil’s advocate – it gets people to think, and that’s the best outcome for any organization.

Don’t be too narcissistic

Starting up your own business, no matter what age you’re at is a considerable achievement. However, if you let this get to your head too much, you might end up with a problem. There are too many entrepreneurs out there who are guilty of falling prey to this toxic behavior. Be humble and listen to the feedback that both your customers and your employees have to give. These are the people that build your organization, so you need to keep an open mind. If you fail to listen to your clients and your workers, you’re bound to fail. So, make sure you’re open to all sorts of ideas, criticism, and a fair bit of rejection as well.

Being too financially frivolous

Several things go into making any business work, sure. But one of the most important aspects of being a successful entrepreneur is learning how to be a bit stingy at times. Before you make it, try not to enjoy the fruits of your labor too much. You can easily be met with little cash flow, causing any business to collapse in the blink of an eye. Learn to save up and reinvest. One of the best business decisions you can make is hiring a financial consultant or an accountant. They can help outline how much money you spend and how much you should be saving.

Don’t try to fake it

The job market and the business market are equally saturated and teeming with the best talents. In such a situation, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. However, you shouldn’t ever consider faking your CV or any other credentials. Not only is this a punishable offense, but it wins you no brownie points with the public. Instead, be genuine. The same applies to entrepreneurs who try to create a fake larger than life persona but end up looking miserably fake. Have the courage to be yourself!

Don’t view everything as a zero-sum game

While in some things, such as in a race, there are winners and losers, the same rule doesn’t apply in the workplace. If you view everything as a competition, chances are your workplace culture will reflect that as well. Encourage yourself and your employees to work together on common goals rather than encourage a toxic competition culture. The latter will only result in your work being extraordinarily unhealthy and dysfunctional.

Don’t be arrogant

Your journey as an entrepreneur will have its fair share of challenges. Everyone makes mistakes, and the best marker of a successful entrepreneur is learning from them. If you view every mistake as a failure or blame others, you can never progress. Set aside your arrogance, and instead view mistakes as a chance for you to improve even more.


One of the best ways to succeed as an entrepreneur is to understand, with an open mind, what this list says. If you think you’re engaging in any of these behaviors, you can quickly begin to fix them and work towards being more successful. Getting rid of these toxic behaviors will help you not only take your organization to new heights but will help you meaningfully connect with your employees too.

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